As an extra way to reward our most dedicated members, AMSA has established the "Points System". Everything you participate in with AMSA, be it simply attending General Body Meetings or Volunteering all year can earn you points. At the end of the year, the top 5 members in points are awarded "AMSA Member of Distinction" among other awards at the AMSA Banquet - these awards look great on Medical School Applications!

The point allocation is as follows:

  • Membership

    • OrgSync Member - 1 Point

    • Following us on Facebook - 1 Point

  • Meetings

    • Co-Sponsored/Co-Programmed Event - 1 Point

    • General Body Meetings - 1 points

    • Evenings on Health - 2 points

  •  Volunteering

    • Events <4hrs - 2 Point

    • Events >4hrs - 4 Points

  • Shadowing 

    • Participated in the AMSA Shadowing Program - 4 points​

Participation in the Reward System:

  • Only dues-paying members can participate in the point system.

  • AMSA’s Reward System is renewed every year, giving students an entire year to accumulate points.

  • Most Co-Sponsored/Co-Programmed Events are only advertised via Facebook, so make sure you "like" our page!

  • It is your responsibility to make sure you check in at each event so your points are counted!